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About me

My name's Jose Luis, I'm a Computers Engineer and I have a post degree in Applications Development and Web Services.

I'm certified by IBM (Professional Server Specialist) and by Lotus (Infrastructures Administration, Users and Domino Servers).

On all my jobs I've been, I basically worked as network administrator and programming in several systems.

System Administration:

  • LAN and WAN networks under S/36 and AS/400 IBM systems. Connections using Frame Relay networks.
  • Configuration of applications under X25 - Iberpac.
  • Server administration of Windows NT and 2000 Server of banks around all country with data synchronization, security profiles, DNS server, ...
  • Linux server administration and configuration of firewalls, VPN, backups, proxys, ...
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL-Server
Programming Languages:
  • MS-DOS: C, C++, ASM, Clipper
  • Windows: Delphi, C, .NET (C#)
  • Linux: C, C++, Bash
  • Web: PHP, ASP
  • Multiplatform: Java, Perl
  • Web Services, PDAs and mobile devices under C#
  • PIC Microprocessors
  • Spanish (native)
  • English (intermediated)
  • Chinese (intermediated)

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